More Rust Belt Writing

The past few weeks, I’ve been continuing my writing project on urban planning in the Rust Belt over at Medium and SubStack. Here’s the last three posts published, including the latest one from this morning.

How The Great Lakes Could Drive The Rust Belt’s Economic Future

  • A breakdown of the potential for the Rust Belt to become a worldwide leader in wind power generation

Disappearing Asphalt: Cleveland’s Downtown Building Boom Is Making Parking Lots Vanish

  • Every time a surface parking lot gets built upon, an angel gets its wings

Missed Connection: Killing The 3C Corridor Rail Project Was Shortsighted

  • I’m still all kinds of fired up that John Kasich killed a high-speed rail project in my home state, complete with handing $400 million in free money back to the federal government


That’s about all for now. I hope you’ll give my writing a read, if you’re interested in the Rust Belt Future, and consider subscribing to the newsletter.