In my morning reading, I came across this little piece from Iain S. Thomas of I Wrote This For You:

It’s such a very important message, and something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Every individual has to decide what Enough is for them. Capitalist society wants us to believe that there is no such thing as Enough. We’re conditioned to Want, to chase more, bigger, better, faster. To keep up with those fuckheads The Joneses. But Enough exists, and in my experience, it’s a lot less than we maybe think it is.

Enough is where contentment lives. It’s where we find slowness, simplicity, quiet, presence, and gratitude. Enough is where we accept that we’re flawed but trying our best, that we can and should want to improve, but not at the expense of enjoying where we are.

Brianna Wiest wrote about the same thing a while back, saying:

No longer are you trying to fit and meet everyone’s expectations. No longer are you trying to edit yourself into some version of who you might, one day, become. When you decide what is enough for you, something magical happens. Everything around you starts to be enough… When you decide what is enough for you, you become a self-accepting person. Then you start to behave like a self-accepting person. Do you know what happens when you do that long-term? You build a life that someone who loves themselves would live.

I’m still trying to zero in on Enough in my life, and I’ve missed the mark a million times. But I feel like I’m getting closer, and that’s Enough for me for now.